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Over the past few weeks I have really been struggling with some thoughts that have been running rampid in my head. I have not been able to g...

Over the past few weeks I have really been struggling with some thoughts that have been running rampid in my head. I have not been able to get a hold of them in any way. It has been one of those things where I have sat down several times to write a blog and each time I have ended up just walking away completely confused and not accomplishing much of anything. So I sit sown this time determined to make it happen. So if you read this and you have no idea what I am talking about don’t be distraught I’m having entirely too much trouble wrapping my head around my own thoughts.

I was reading this book the other day and there was an entire chapter on how God pursues. For something that has been a blessing in my life for so long for some reason it struck me really weird. God pursues! When we run God comes after us. We decide to run in the opposite direction he comes with us to protect us. He may sit back and let us go for a minute but inevitably he comes after us. No rhyme or reason just because he does.

So I went a lot deeper with this then I probably should have and really became seriously perplexed by something. He knew all the bad decisions that I would make and he created me anyway. He knew all the times that I would break his heart and disgrace His name and He still created me, but not only did he create me but he loved me. To make things even more intense He said “you know all that crap that you have done, all the dishonor that you have caused my name? It’s cool. I’m not only going to forgive you for it but I am going to use it to glorify me. I am going to take all the crap and all the bad decisions and I am going to point them towards me.” Wow...

Now as you all take a minute and say “yeah dude! We learned this in Sunday School.” Why don’t you just think about it for a minute? Let it sink in!
That is how great our God is.

The part that has really been getting me angry and keeping me from writing this blog is that we still approach God so flippantly. We still come to him expecting him to do nothing and then in return we get what we expected. I was telling some friends the other day that the easiest part of what I do should be telling people about the greatest love that this world has ever known. That should be simple, but no one believes in the power of God because we don’t. Nobody believes that the love of God is that great because we don’t. We walk around like nothing ever happened and then become all shaken and sadden when our family and friends are dying and going to Hell. I have for some reason experienced a lot of death in my life. A lot of people that I know have died in my 24 years and one of the consistent things that I hear at some point is man I wish I could have shared Jesus with them. Why? Would your life have matched up with your words? Did you walk in the power of God’s love or are you a magic trick Christian. You get excited for God when he shows you something awesome. I simply can’t fathom how it is that we can experience the love of the Creator and can be no different.

For so long I have been saying the same things to myself over and over again. “Someone tell me the words to say. Someone give me the wisdom to share that will get us as Christians to be in love with God.”

Then it hit me. It’s not that we don’t think that God loves us. We get that. We understand that God gave everything for us. The problem is that we are not in love with God which in turn makes it hard for us to feel His love. Have you ever tried to accept love from someone that has feelings for you but you don’t feel for them back. It is extremely difficult because you are not connected with that person on a very deep and real level. So you may have an “understanding” of their love but you don’t always feel it.

Still with me?

This has been a huge revelation for me. For so long I have been preaching that Christians don’t let God love them and this is the problem with Christians as a whole. I believe there is a lot of truth to that, but I have been too lazy to diagnose what was causing this. We as Christians have a lot of trouble dealing with the fact that God wants to be a real part of our life and a real part of everything that we do. God desires for us to love him. It is not a need but a desire. Our love is not a necessity but his desire. The God that created everything from nothing! The God that created Love so that we could have part in wants a relationship with us. He wants to have a love affair with his children. So often we are told about the wrath of God and that he is a Just God. All of this is true, but we always seem to leave out that God is a lover. He is the lover of our soul. He gives us the opportunity to be connected with Him on a deep and intimate level. Yet, we ignore him. We ignore his desire for our relationship we ignore his desire to love us more than we could ever fathom. We simply ignore God.

There is more. God is Love. He is the creator of love. Who can love more than the creator of that Love? Who can understand the depths of that love more than Him? Who can show you the beauty of it all better than the Father.

The love that heals! The love that never changes!

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