The Restless Spirit

I have always felt like there was simply something missing. I never could be satisfied. No matter what was going on I simply could not be co...

I have always felt like there was simply something missing. I never could be satisfied. No matter what was going on I simply could not be content. I have always been in a place of needing more, wanting more and simply never being able to find enough of anything to sustain me. For the longest time I have wondered why my soul could not be content. The other day I was doing some studying and I discovered something that I had never quite realized.

In Genesis we are told that God spoke everything in the world to existence. He simply spoke and it was. He came into nothing, stood on nothing and told everything where to go. He did this simply by speaking, but when it came to the creation of men we are told that he “formed” us and that he breathed the breath of life into us. This is what is used to describe our souls.

Here is what I am getting at. God breathed our soul into us. This means that our soul was a part of the God that we serve. He breathed a part of himself into us. We have a part of God inside of us. This is a rather big deal because this explains why we as a people are so restless all the time. Our soul at one point was a part of the most glorious and perfect being that there has ever been. It is only natural that it would long to be back in the glory. When it was a part of the God that created everything it only makes sense that it would long and seek to back in that place. This is why we are so restless. This is why we as a people continuously are searching for something. Our soul longs to be connected back with the very source that created it. Our souls crave to be back in the perfect never ending beauty and love of the Father.

The problems seem to occur when we don’t recognize this for what it is. We don’t see this as our souls just trying to reconnect with God. We just feel a sort of emptiness and it is only natural that we try to fill that emptiness with something. Unfortunately we rarely fill that emptiness with God. We all too often fill it with whatever is closest at the time. Whatever we can get that will stop the never ending yearning will do. Even if it is only for a while we settle and do it. Just to make it stop.

We are told in Ephesians that God knew how rechid we would be, he knew how we would break his very hear time and time again but he still sent his son for us so that he could adopt us into his family. The next verse we are told that this is what he WANTED to do and that it gave him great pleasure. God longs to be with us. He desires a personal relationship with us. He wants to be the all loving father. This is what he wants to do. Our souls were once a part of that God and they long to be back with Him.

So we have God who longs to be with us and then we have our souls who long to be with Him.
What is stopping us? The answer is one that you will have to find for yourself. All I know for sure is that I walked through this world for a very long time with my soul as restless as it could be. Always wanting more and never being satisfied. The day that I decided to let God have my heart and I started to desperately chase after him was the day that my soul finally began to experience some sort of freedom. We were made by the Father to be in community with the Father. This is what he desires. No matter how nasty, no matter how disgusting that I am he still longs for me to chase after him with all that I have.

Your soul longs to be with the Creator. Let it!!

There is simply no greater freedom.

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