6 signs you may need to ReFoCUs

I have what some might call a little bit of an ADD personality. So at times I can become very content with where I am and that will usuall...

I have what some might call a little bit of an ADD personality. So at times I can become very content with where I am and that will usually lead me to focus on the wrong things if I’m not careful. So I put some things in place to remind me if I get off track. It happens to the best of us. In Andy Stanley’s book the principle of the path he talks about doing course correction to ensure that you stay on target for where you are going. These are 5 things that tell me I need to refocus.

1. You start taking on things outside of your Job
Now don’t get me wrong. It is always awesome to be a team player and I think my pastor knows that if he needs me I am here for him and I will do anything I can to help anyone on the team. In my life though, usually when I am becoming a little to content in my area instead of pushing myself there to dig in I will find something new to help with to push me and stretch me. I am very results focused at times and I have to be aware of that when it comes to taking on other tasks.

2. You stop recruiting leaders to be a part of your team.
When you are at a place that is growing and you are seeing life change all around you, it can become very easy to become numb to it if you allow. I love to hear stories about what God is doing in people. I love to see the people who work with me succeed and accomplish their goals. So I know that I that is something I am struggling to see that I need to get my head right! We are constantly growing and the need for leaders is tremendous. So I know that if I am not focused on recruiting leaders to come on board with us and take part I need to refocus.

3. Everything is Negative
I am by nature a fixer. If you have a problem then I definitely want to help you fix it. That is Just part of being a guy. It is in our DNA to want to make everything copasetic. So I know that when all I can do is be negative about the things around me that I have lost sight of the goal and allowed my attention to be pulled in a place that it does not need to be.

4. You have manufactured stress
Things that I have nothing to do with you or that you are very far away from cause you a great deal of stress and tension. It happens more than you can possible realize. I see it all the time in an organization. If you are getting upset about little things, generally that means that there is something bigger at play. You need to deal with it and get back focused so that you can move forward and work through this issue(s).

5. There is a lot of sideways energy
you have stopped filtering what you do through the vision of your organization. You are just doing it to accomplish something not to accomplish a specific part of your vision and mission. Doing things just to do them is a fast way to burn out and deep frustration. If you let your focus slip this will almost always happen.

6. Your not Dreaming
This is a huge one. If you are not dreaming about the future and where your organization is going and the things it’s going to accomplish then it is time to refocus. Without dreams you will almost always lose your passion and desire for what you are doing. I know this is defnintely true in the social sector. Our dreams and passion drive us when nothing else it. What are you dreaming about.

Those are 6 things I use to know if I need to refocus.

What are some of yours?

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