Celebrate Differences

The picture above really shows just how different my 3 children really are. As a father the older they get and the older I get the more I...

The picture above really shows just how different my 3 children really are. As a father the older they get and the older I get the more I really enjoy how different my children truly are. My wife often becomes disgruntled because she can never get our 3 children to stay still long enough for her to be able to get pictures of all of them at once. You would be surprised how much you can actually tell from this picture about my kids.

Makayla: she is my oldest and she is most definitely my motherly type. She thinks she is her younger siblings older mom. She is very much so bossy and demanding. It drives her brother and sister absolutely crazy. I can tell that she will one day be a great leader and an even better parent. As you can tell she is putting her brother in a headlock trying to corral him long enough to stay still while simultaneously smiling in the camera. She is the ultimate multi tasker.

Marissa: she is my middle child. She is her own personality and has no problem with it being that way. She as you can tell she is a little stubborn and not happy that she is being made to be in a picture when she had something better to do. So she stands off to the side alone like can we please get this over with. Marissa has a laser focus unlike I have ever seen before. And when she is focused on something that’s all she thinks about.

Mason: this dude is just a little to much like me. Getting him to sit still is like trying to get the ocean to stop making waves. He loves all things ball. He is a huge goof ball. Wants to laugh and play all the time. He is more of my free spirit I just want to play with something and be left alone.

My point in all that is to say that all my children are remarkably different. I have learned to accept that fact that they are all going to have their own personalities and going to grow into completely different people. It is so awesome to see what kind of people that God is going to mold them into. It is awesome to see them develop personality traits that God will someday use to glorify Him. With 3 kids I want to celebrate what is different about them. I want them to be what God has made them to be and for them to grown into a person the will make a tremendous impact on the Kingdom. 

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  1. It refreshes my heart when fathers express delight in their children. . . God has truly blessed you, Ryan! Your efforts in the Kingdom will be multiplied through the reach of your kids. How awesome to consider the eternal reward of our temporal sacrifice as parents. We love those babies of yours! :)


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