Remembering God in Leadership

I have to say that I am extremely blessed to have the Job that I have. I wake up every morning and get to go and spend my day investing in t...

I have to say that I am extremely blessed to have the Job that I have. I wake up every morning and get to go and spend my day investing in the lives of people. My job is a tough one and it comes with a lot more stress than I would like some times, but at the end of the day God has been good enough to allow me to spend my life investing in people. Creating engaging environments for our family Ministry and empowering leaders to find out what it is God has made them to do. It’s a great Job.

There are times though that I get so wrapped up in latest and greatest new way.. Or I get caught up in learning leadership techniques that I forget about the people and the God I serve. Its not that any of those things are bad. They aren’t at all. I need to constantly be pushing myself to learn how to better lead and news and engaging ways of doing things. I just should not forget the God I do it for or the people He has called me to.

This week at oneChurch I came in and caught the last 3 songs for worship. Our worship pastor does such a great job and is so intentional about our set list and putting them together in such a way that the transitions are smooth and that connects to our entire theme for that day. Our people really get into worship. Every week it is put together with excellence which makes it easier for people to engage and take part in.

I stepped in this week and our people were singing louder than I had ever heard them. We keep it loud at oneChurch. That’s the way we like it! The crowd was almost overpowering the Josh Woodlief. (for some of his thoughts click here) It was absolutely amazing to see our people respond that way. One of the songs we were singing was Jesus Paid it All. I know some of the situations that go on in our church. Spouses Deploying, Sickness, Divorce, and Martial Struggles, drug abuse, abuse in general and just about anything else one can imagine. So there is something more powerful than I can possibly express about hearing that group of people sing “o praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead” It immediately brought tears to my eyes. As I looked around and saw some people who I know are going through tough times and in that moment is was all about Jesus.

The most basic part of what we do is leading people to understand that God loves them and that God sent His son to die so that God and us could be reconciled. Its amazing to hear people take a minute and say despite everything going on in their life for that moment its about Jesus and His sacrifice. When you work hard and then you see your people grab onto it, its an amazing feeling.

I share all that to say this. Church Leaders don’t forget what role God plays in your organization. Because without His love and grace then what are we doing this for. What’s the purpose? Is it to gather people in to rows and talk to them? It’s because we want to see peoples live radically affected and Changed by the furious love of our Father in Heaven. We cannot change people, we can only use what God has given us to creatively engage them to look and God and Christianity in a new way.

Are your eyes focused on God?

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