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Orange did a great job on this session. They do unbelievable job of preparing each environment to say one thing. They gave an orange awar...

Orange did a great job on this session. They do unbelievable job of preparing each environment to say one thing. They gave an orange award to a man who has been volunteering with 4th and 5th graders for 60 years. The question that naturally follows that is that are you creating a volunteer environment that would lead someone to want to be a part of it for 60 years. WOW!!

This session was amazing. Perry Noble brought an amazing talk on the importance of Family Ministry in the Church and the importance of the Senior Pastor to support it. (for more about Perry go HERE) Perry Shared with us 7 Convictions about Family Ministry.

7 Convictions

#1 That Family Ministry has more potential then any other ministry in the Church!
We work in the ripest mission field in the world. Perry had an amazing illustration of asking everyone in the room to raise their hand if they met Jesus before the age of 18.. 80% of the room raised their hand. If we work in the ripest mission field then the church cannot continue to serve the family ministry its leftovers.

#2 I believe that a healthy family ministry must be supported by the Senior Pastor – This was a huge point. If you want to start a fire in your church invest in you Family Ministry. You cannot treat children and students like a baby-sitting ministry. You have to back up your talk about what you believe with your investment in what you believe.

#3 Senior Pastors need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable – Senior Pastors would do it differently then the family ministry team. They need to be comfortable with someone pushing the envelope and doing what is necessary to reach the Students and Children for Jesus!

#4 Environments Matter - Environments for Children and Students are Huge. We need to make it the best place to be every week. Invest in creating one irresistible environment a week instead of 15 programs a week. Go from making a huge impact once instead no impact 5 or 6 times a week.

#5 We must keep it simple – Don’t over complicate things. Keep it simple for your kids and your volunteers. If it is simple they will understand and if they understand they will buy in. Very rarely do people buy in to what they do not understand.

#6 Tension and Conflict must be addressed – Don’t let that stuff build. Created a culture where openness and honesty are ways of life even when it may hurt a little.

#7 we have to have the right people in the right places – If someone asks to serve with 5th graders and you have 5 workers there and none with the kindergarteners let them serve with the 5th graders. Don’t fill spots create opportunities and trust that God will bring the people necessary to fulfill it. Don’t move people around to places they don’t fit. You are setting them up for a failure they weren’t prepared for in the first place.

Perry hit a homerun in this Session!! Great Job.

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