Going 15 Rounds with the Champ

I am not a huge fan of the Rocky Movies to be honest. They don’t necessarily insight some sort manly feeling inside of me. I don’t feel l...

I am not a huge fan of the Rocky Movies to be honest. They don’t necessarily insight some sort manly feeling inside of me. I don’t feel like once I have watched it I should grow a beard and chop down a tree cause I’m a MANNN!!! They just don’t speak to me that way usually, but I did hear a quote recently that made me think.

In the 1st movie I think, Rocky is fighting Apollo Creed. If I remember right this dude is suppose to be the real deal. Nobody even finishes a fight with him much less beats him. 1 night Rocky is talking with his wife and he tells her he doesn’t think that he will win the fight. He says “Adrian, I just want to go 15 rounds with the Champ. I go just want to go the distance with him and show everybody I’m not just some bum from the neighborhood.” Something about that statement has really bogged me down this week. Rocky didn’t want to win. He just set a goal to finish.

I really started thinking about that and processed through it in my own life. Am I setting a goal to win? Or am I just trying to get through and go 15 rounds with the Champ. There are 2 aspects that this has affected me. One is definitely leadership. Where do I set my sights and how big do I believe God is? Do I believe that He big enough to use me and the people around me to change the world? Or do I just hope I can make it through tomorrow and everyone will be impressed with me?

Something I heard at Orange that stuck with me was that we as people are constantly trying to control other people’s view of us and how they perceive us. Sometimes we are in the ring fighting simply trying to get to round 15 so people wont think we are “just another bum from the neighborhood.” In leadership we have to go into the fight with the end in mind. More that than the end should be a win not just finishing.

The second thing was just from a spiritual side of things. I mean at the end of the day its all spiritual, but you know what I mean. In my life do I settle for going hard at it in hopes that other people will recognize me and appreciate me? Do I find my validation in the fact that people appreciate me and compliment me? Or do I find validation in the fact that I am saved by the God of the universe for no other reason than He wants to be in relationship with me? Sometimes I wonder if I am going 15 rounds as hard as I can simply to control the perception people have of me.

I know that God loves. More than I could possibly ever imagine. At times, though, it is still very hard to not want and live for the approval of those around me.

Are you trying to go 15 rounds with champ or are you trying win the fight?

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