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Do you evaluate what you learn on a regular basis? Are you even aware that you are learning all the time? I want to constantly be a learn...

Do you evaluate what you learn on a regular basis? Are you even aware that you are learning all the time? I want to constantly be a learner. It’s important for everyone. If we get to a place where we are too content then we will stop pushing yourself. What I have learned is that usually what I learn has a direct impact on how I push myself.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about the 5 biggest things I learned in the Last year as Family Pastor at oneChurch. It was hard work whittling down to the 5 things that had the largest impact on me. So as I thought about it I decided this is something is should be evaluating on a more regular basis. Like daily. We should not just meander through life, but be aware of what is happening in us and around us. So I thought it would be a fun idea to every week share 3 of the things that I learned that week.

They may be serious or they may be funny, the only promise I can make for sure is they will be real.

So here is the Big 3 for this week.

- People want to be a part of a team – I had a team meeting this week for our Student Ministry here at oneChurch! I have not put near the energy into this team that I should over the last year, but this is the best team of student workers I have ever had. They are Amazing. They were there Monday night ready to go and pumped about the future. It had nothing to do with ME. People want to be on a team that makes a difference. This team does and you can tell by their interaction that they are just glad to be a part.

- Relationship has a direct impact on how some people receive criticism or suggestions – We have a leader that helps us constantly here at oneChurch. He a hard worker and is always there when we need him. The bad news is they have developed a little bit of a reputation as being unteachable. This week I had to correct them on something, and I wont lie I was a little nervous about how I would react if he became defensive. He reacted perfectly. Did exactly what I asked immediately and then came back to me to make sure it was done correctly. When I thought about it I realized the difference was relationship. I have invested in this guy beyond just what he does for us. I could be wrong but I think that is the difference. Relationship makes the difference and fills the gaps.

- Sunflower Seeds give the worst dry mouth ever – Yesterday I thought just for a minute it might be a good idea to pick up the wonderful habit of Sunflower Seeds. At first it seemed like a great idea, but after 24 hours of not being able to feel my tongue my position has changed. No mater how much I drink it will not go away. I am sure this is one of those things that everyone knew. Now I have learned it. I have always said I am a visual learner. And I can literally see my tongue drying out.

Check out here next week for next weeks big 3

What have you learned this week?

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