Building a team!!

There are a lot of debatable methods out there on leadership and how it practically works itself out. A lot of people have their thought...

There are a lot of debatable methods out there on leadership and how it practically works itself out. A lot of people have their thoughts and ideas on what leadership should look like and what you have to do to make leadership and that role work out. There is some amazing stuff out there on the subject, but I know one thing for sure. To be a good leader you have to build a good team. A leader will only go as far as the team he/she has will take them. Be patient and diligent but never stop building a team of dedicated people that are bought into what you are trying to accomplish.

This last year at Relevant Students oneChurch we had a lot of ups and downs. We had 2 moves a time change and several other things that hurt us. The one thing that stayed constant though was our team. I had an amazing team of people around me who were just as passionate about reaching students in Clarksville as I was. They stayed true to our mission even when at points they had some questions on what I was doing. They supported me wholeheartedly even when they didn’t understand fully. It was a difficult year but we still had a lot of fun because of their buy in and trust.

Last night we kicked off our Student gathering for the fall. It was a huge success and it was all because of the TEAM. It had nothing to do with me, but it was because that team stayed true and were there and ready to invest in the lives of our students. It was an amazing night and I was so pumped that I could share it with that group of people.

Three things I know about building a team..

Build Relationships – take time to invest in your team. I mean really spend some time with them to find out where their heart is and what they want God to do through them. This will help you open their passions so you can put them in the right spot. If you set them up for success then they will stick with you.

Be transparent – Don’t act like you have it all together and everything that is happening is a part of your master plan. In the social sector relationships are the key, and a huge way to build relationships and trust. The key is to walk your team through what the next steps will be and finding your leaders on the team and investing in them so they will stand in the gap for you when you cannot.

Keep the vision out Front – say it say it and say it some more.. About the time you are tired of saying it they are starting to get it. In every opportunity you have cast the vision for what you do and what you want them to accomplish.

This is the one thing I know about leadership. Its about building a TEAM!!

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