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A couple of Sunday’s ago my daughter missed OneWay Street (our children’s environment at and she came home dying for me to...

A couple of Sunday’s ago my daughter missed OneWay Street (our children’s environment at and she came home dying for me to tell her about our new virtue for the month. That is a statement of how great our leaders inside that environment are. For me, this was a huge reminder of the progress we have made at home. She desired time with DAD to talk about God. As always it was so refreshing to sit and unpack bible based thoughts with my daughter and watch her learn! Separating myself from “family pastor” and remembering that my children only have 1 dad is worth it! If I truly want to understand what it means to Think Orange then I have to Live Orange. I’m not always successful. Far from it, but it is worth the fight for that balance. I truly gained an understanding of what it means to Think Orange when I took it home and lived out the principle with my own family.

Orange (for more on them go HERE) is an absolutely incredible organization. At we use them across the board in family ministry. They are absolutely fantastic to partner with when it comes to curriculum and resources. They are always making improvements to better the experience for those who partner with them. (if you are unfamiliar with the Orange strategy go HERE) They are more than an idea though.They are creating a Revolution in the family and the church! They are leveraging their influence to help parents engage with their children as they walk through their spiritual Journey. 

We all know how tough it is to find balance in ministry and in life. It is a struggle to make time and to separate ourselves from yellow (the church) and take on and embrace the Red. (the family) Here is what I know about church leaders; it can be so easy to come so completely wrapped up in what we do that we forget about who we should be and who we need to be in the lives of children! It is a trap that we can all fall into. We have to decide if Orange is a cool idea we want to be a part of our brand new way of thinking that affects our own families. What we believe will almost always determine our actions and level of discipline. Do you believe in the Orange way of thinking?

In my mind there are 2 levels of the Orange Philosophy that have to be embraced. First and foremost we have to be willing to live it out in our own lives. We have to partner with our church leaders from the home. If this is something we believe in that should be evident in our priorities. When that happens we will truly understand what it is to Think Orange! I wonder how many leaders have really experienced the joy of Living Orange at home. 

When we embrace orange in our own homes we will truly see the potential for what it can do in the families we are reaching. It deepens our understanding when we see the results in those who matter most to us! if we know what happens at home is more important than what happens at church than how does that play out in the lives of us who are paid staff members at a church? The line becomes blurry and we have to fight to make it more clear or we may engage other families at the expense of our own.

What happens in your home? Do you think Orange and not Live Orange? If you truly want to unlock the potential of this in your church then experience it with your child. It will unlock their hearts and minds and create a form of dialogue that you will hold on to for a lifetime! All the other benefits will become added bonus. 

Thinking Orange changed my family’s life and created a new journey for us. Because of that I am better equipped to help it change the lives of other families.

How do you bring Balance to having a role on both sides? Red and Yellow! 

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