Thought Sharing and Social Media

Have you ever had anyone ask you, “what is the big deal about the whole twitter / blog thing?” I know I have. So many people in my l...

Have you ever had anyone ask you, “what is the big deal about the whole twitter / blog thing?” I know I have.

So many people in my life cannot wrap their heads around the whole twitter and blog concept. When it is not understood it can almost be viewed as arrogant! The idea that I find my thoughts and activities to be so important that they simply must be shared can throw some people off a little. It wasn’t long ago that I viewed it that way, but that has drastically changed for me over the last year of my life.

Every great idea for the most part is a variation of someone else’s original thought. Whether it was a variation of your own thought or someone else’s. In my opinion this is one of the biggest assets of Social media. It is a platform for thought sharing. It is its own arena to put your thoughts out there and to read other peoples thoughts and ideas.

You sharing your thoughts could be the beginning of something that revolutionizes how we do ministry, or church. You may not have the complete thought, but you could set a chain reaction that leads to change.

So what am I saying? SHARE your thoughts! I am absolutely convinced that the best thoughts and ideas out there have not been said yet. They have been thought, but not put out there. Be a part of reengaging people to think new thoughts!

I know for me, I don’t necessarily feel like I have a ton to offer. I am not a hugely creative person, but I want to share what little I have to offer in hopes that someone can take that thought and put it into action in a way I never dreamed. Don’t worry about being the person that makes it happen, just be transparent and others will do the same. Trust that your thoughts matter! Trust me they do!
Here are the 3 reasons I use Social Media

I love Connecting – I love connecting with people from all over the country and seeing how they do what they do. Whether in business or Church! It blows my mind how encouraged and empowered I can feel buy someone who lives hundreds of miles away.

I’m a learner – using social media to your advantage means you will be constantly learning. Learning about how people do what they do and why they do what they do. You will learn basic principles on leadership and life. I want to always be learning from those who are further along than me and those who are where I am. Social media engages the learner.

You gain Access – this give me access to people I would not normally have access to. I may not get to sit in front of them and ask them questions, but this allows me to see what they are doing and what they are processing through. Most of the blogs I read most are from people that would not just let me come sit in their office and pelt them with a list of questions, but they share their thoughts this way and I can gain access to that.

Why do you use Social Media?

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