Why the Cue Box Rocks

At oneChurch.tv we use 252 Basics curriculum for our children’s environments. (for more on that go here ) They provide the best most int...

At oneChurch.tv we use 252 Basics curriculum for our children’s environments. (for more on that go here) They provide the best most interactive curriculum for kids I have seen. Something that the entire Orange organization does exceptionally well is creates avenues for church leaders to partner with the family to pack down and emphasize a singe virtue every month.

The Cue Box is a tool that the folks at orange offer as something tangible that we can take home and use to engage your children at HOME!! At onechurch.tv we offer these to our parents to use every month. It has been awesome to see them disappear off the table every time we put them out. Parents are beginning to buy in and understand this principle of partnering with us for the same goal.

The cue offers a lot of options but not so many you aren’t able to decipher what is happing. Here is the 3 my family has enjoyed the most.

Monthly DVD - every month they produce a sitcom type program based on a story line of getting the cue boxes completed every month. My daughters absolutely love it and have already connected with the characters. It is very well done and engaging on all levels. It does an excellent job of connecting to the monthly virtue.

Parent Cue – Have you ever felt like you didn’t know how to connect with your kids or when a good time is to talk to them? This helps with that. This provides different ways to talk to them and how to leverage different family times. Huge help!! It does not provide a script, but it unlocks great ideas.

Mystery widget – this could be one of my favorite things. Every month the cue box includes a mystery item that you can use to further press down on the monthly virtue. Last month the virtue was initiative, Seeing what needs to be done and doing it, and they included these really cool glasses. When your kids are showing initiative you use the glasses to reward them. My kids were doing everything they could to get the glasses. It makes what they learn practical. It help them apply it!

I hope every church is doing something to partner with families and giving parents a ways to take what their kids are learning at church home with them. If you are using 252 Basics I would more than suggest that you offer this product. At oneChurch.tv we believe in it so much that we take a large piece of our budget to provide it for free, but I have heard from several other churches who charge for it and have still see great results. Either way give it a try you will not be disappointed.

What do you do at your church to partner with parents?? 

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