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Have you ever heard the term “create a team”? I have heard it so many times. In my mind it is something that makes completely perfect se...

Have you ever heard the term “create a team”? I have heard it so many times. In my mind it is something that makes completely perfect sense. Creating teams around you to increase your effectiveness and influence. It is something that I love being a part of. I love leading and teaching other leaders. It is a passion that God has given me, but I have noticed that some things make more sense in my head than they do in the people around me. We get to talking in this lingo and using these terms that we forget not everyone is familiar with it.

I got to talk to a leader not long ago that the whole thought of creating a team was so intimidating it was almost paralyzing. He had stopped trying because he could not wrap his head around it. He had begun to create “positions” for people on his team just to feel productive. What he soon discovered is that he was making his job more difficult. He was putting people in places they did not need to be. So they were not succeeding which led to frustration. Leaders want to win. Its our job to set them up.

Here is what I learned through that. Creating a team is not easy and it starts with Creating opportunities!! People need to see other people on your team succeeding. The moment we create opportunities and trust that God will provide people to fill them it gets easier. It is easier to align a person to an opportunity than it is to align a position to a person. Opportunities bring the best out in leaders and positions confine them to what you want not what they are capable of. Do not allow the word team to overwhelm you. Just start moving one opportunity at a time and your team will grow and solidify.

3 things to remember when creating an opportunity;

1 thing at a time – most leaders have a level of impatience. We want to move and see progress, but don’t confuse your vision with your action. The vision will come as well as the need for action. Take things 1 step at a time and your team will grow. Everything at once can become a little overwhelming. Take the time that is needed for each step and opportunity.

Don’t confine them to how you want it done – a good leader will succeed if you let them, but don’t constrain them with making them do it your way. If the outcome is what you envisioned than give them the freedom to determine how they get there.

Align them with your vision – It is sooo important to remember alignment. We all say it a lot, but I wonder if we really grasp a hold of the concept. Making sure someone understands and is bought in to your vision for the organization is critical. Them understanding their importance to the team how they fit in to the over all scheme of things will change your team dynamic completely.

What would you add to that list?

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