What Thanksgiving Leftovers Taught Me

So I have confession to make! I love thanksgiving leftovers. I love them almost as much as I love the original meal. I don’t know why th...

So I have confession to make! I love thanksgiving leftovers. I love them almost as much as I love the original meal. I don’t know why that it is but I get just as excited about getting ready for the 2 and 3 time as I do when for the first! It’s a little bit of a reminder for me of the first meal and how good it was. Now, everything is not as fresh and it is impossible to get it all at the right temperature when you microwave it, but it is a great substitute for taking the time to make it all over again every day of the weekend!

Something occurred to me this weekend that really never had before! My kids DON’T LIKE leftovers! What?? When I realized it I was almost ready to kick them out of the family!! It was blasphemy. There were a lot of reasons they didn’t like it. The texture changed a little, it wasn’t fresh and out of the oven and it over all just didn’t impress them a bit! They were all over the original meal but not so much when we tried to reheat it and make it work again.

I think that can apply to what we do when it comes to creating environments for children and students! They love to have their minds blown but every time we try to redo it the same way it loses a little bit of its flavor and the texture changes a bit. It doesn’t take long for kids to see right through that and begin to become board. Environments for children and students need to engage all the senses! They need to be fresh every week and the level of excellence needs to be high. When they encounter something new their senses are heightened and they really focus in on what you want to communicate to them! But if we try reheating the same thing month after month week after week eventually they get to the point where they may come but they don’t really want to.

Here are 3 ways we keep environments fresh at oneChurch.tv

Different Content – ­in our Children’s environment we change subject matter every month by talking about different virtues. In our Students we change series about every 3 weeks or so. This means the subject matter is always different. We keep them engaged by promoting and playing to the different subjects when we shift topics.

Different Look – Every month we try to theme out our environments to what we are talking about in that series or to go with that virtue. This creates a level of excitement for the kids and students each time we make a shift in topic. It helps our leaders get excited as well. They know they are setting something up to blow their minds!

Different Speakers – We use different speakers in each environment to allow different people’s style to engage children and students in different ways. This really helps engage them from different perspectives. 

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