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I love getting feedback from the people around me. Whether good or bad I think of it as a win anytime someone feels comfortable enough ...

I love getting feedback from the people around me. Whether good or bad I think of it as a win anytime someone feels comfortable enough with me to come and tell me something they think we can improve. The other day I was having a conversation with someone and they were talking to me about something that they would like to see us improve. It was a great conversation and I got some fantastic perspective. (For post on fresh perspective go HERE or HERE)

In the course of the conversation she said something that was so simple yet so profound. She said, “we are doing good, but I just think we can do better!” This is an area that we have been working on for a while. In some ways we have been making it entirely too complicated. It was great to hear from someone else on a couple of easy solutions on how to make what we do better. For me, anytime someone is bought in to what we do enough to help us improve it is a win!

I think in some ways good can often be a hindrance and blindfold that holds us back and keeps us from seeing the steps to get to great! In my experience it is very rarely an intentional thing.

Right now I am having some great conversations with our Family Ministry Leadership about things that we should do better. Those conversations have produced so much excitement amongst that team. The people around you have a good perspective; we have to be willing to slow down enough to hear it.  Simple questions like “how do you think we can improve this?” are huge.

Always assuming we know best will inevitably lead us to be stuck in the trap of good and keep us from pushing through to great. If we believe, as the church, that our job is the most important one then we owe to our organization and to the people who have not yet encountered to be GREAT!

3 ways to press through to great!

Listen – Listen to everyone that gives you feedback. Without question there will be circumstances where you cannot fix it or you wouldn’t because it goes away from the mission and vision of your organization. Always be intentional to listen to everyone that wants to give you feedback. Especially if they are NOT like you. If you only listen to people that are like you or people who tell you what you want to hear you will only reach people like YOU!

Involve – Involve people in the decision making process. Encourage critical thinking NOT criticism. Guide conversations to lead people to come to you with solutions not just problems. You may or may not act on what you are told, but value comes in conversation that leads somewhere. Frustration comes when we act as though we have let them register a complaint and then never make anysteps to “correct” it. People will become bought in when they feel like you value them enough to say, “how would you correct that?” It may also give you an opportunity to unpack vision a little more and walk them through why you do some things a certain way!

Intentionally Evaluate – Try to avoid using evaluation as a buzz phrase! Actually evaluate what you are doing. To intentionally evaluate you will have to create parameters to measure success. Then have intentional conversations about what was or was not done to meet those goals. At oneChurch.tv we try to do everything with the guest in mind, but if we are not attracting guest then we need to process through everything we do that does not reach a guest. This makes getting to the heart of issues a quicker and more visible process.

We may be doing good, but I know we can do better! What steps do you need to take to get there?

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