Why we give teens a break

One question I get asked more than anything about the way we do student ministry at oneChurch.tv is “why do we give so many breaks?” no...

One question I get asked more than anything about the way we do student ministry at oneChurch.tv is “why do we give so many breaks?” now just for the record I use the words “so many” loosely, but that is generally how the question is framed. We just finished our last Wednesday for the 2010 at Relevant Students. We think with exams and Christmas break coming it is the perfect time to shut it down for the year. Gives our Leaders time to refresh and it doesn’t compete with families who travel or want that time with their students.

At oneChurch.tv we partner with another church to do student ministry. So Relevant Student Ministry has 2 locations learning the same things and familiar with the same branding. We follow one guideline at both locations. If school is out we are out! We want kids to enjoy their breaks and relax with friends. Each week we work hard to put together a great experience and to challenge them to look at the way they view God, relationships, and themselves! We want to give them opportunities outside the context of school to put to use what they learn each week.

Here are 4 reasons we believe in taking a break

We don’t believe teens have to live at church to be spiritually mature – every time we take a break we are giving our students an opportunity to intentionally put their faith into action. We don’t associate showing up with growth. We think growth happens best in relationships. It is ok to give them a break to study for exams or build more relationships outside the context of what we do on Wednesday nights!

It builds momentum – if you use it to your advantage you can turn any stop into a momentum builder. It is a great tool if used the right way to build anticipation and excitement. Sometimes a break comes at just the right time for a student who is tired and overwhelmed with all that is happening in their life. I cannot tell you how many times we will take a break and when students return they bring friends with them.

We do not want to compete with the Family – At relevant we are trying find the most effective ways possible to partner with parents of students. We do not think one of those ways is not trying to compete with the family during holiday times and vacation time. We want to encourage family time and encourage parents to invest in their students. Doing this gives us a natural and consistent platform to encourage that every year.

It gives an opportunity to celebrate and cast vision – If we never stop going and going then we will never find the time to truly take some time and celebrate the wins we have seen. We might share them casually, but for us we have found that taking some time twice a year to invest in our leadership and hear what God has been doing in their area is huge. It also gives me a natural platform to cast vision and celebrate not only where we have been but also celebrate where we are going. These times are so important for us. 

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