Empower Leaders to take part in Life Change

Last night at Remix, our student ministry environment, I heard 2 stories from different students. Both said that since they started comi...

Last night at Remix, our student ministry environment, I heard 2 stories from different students. Both said that since they started coming to Remix God had changed their life. They didn’t talk about our awesome worship or how great our services are. They didn’t even tell me how amazing the messages are. They both talked about their Small Group Leaders. At Remix we do a service and then transition into small groups. It’s not all the lights, and videos that make a difference. It’s the investment that our small group leaders get to make in the students.

We do in this in every area of ministry at oneChurch.tv. Every area of our Family Ministry is pointed toward small groups. I hear stories all the time from parents in our children and preschool environments about the impact their small group leaders are making in the lives of their kids.

Here’s the deal. People want to be a part of life change. Leaders want to be a part of life change. Chances are that’s why they signed on. Empower them to do just that. Empower them to be a part of a huge story. Personal connection and personal investment are what students and kids will remember. Put processes and steps in place so that people can win. If we are realistic, we will realize that if our leaders win then everyone wins. 

Here are 4 Ways to Empower Leaders to take Part

Be Patient – Sometimes investment takes time. So be patient and encourage the right behaviors. I have had more than one leader come to me and tell me that they didn’t think this model would work. They thought it was a “lazy” approach. But we remained patient we kept making progress and now Leaders are starting to see the beauty of being empowered for life change. 

Magnify the win – You literally have to put a magnifying glass over everything little win when it comes to encouraging personal investment in kids and students. This is not a tangible thing and it is so hard to measure. So make sure to focus on the wins and bring even the smallest things to light.

Celebrate your leaders – This one speaks for itself. Celebrate the people that are making your ministry successful. The leaders that are in the trenches with you working hard and taking time to invest in the lives of your students and children. If we believe that life change happens the best in the context of relationships then celebrate the people pouring into that life change.

Get out of the way – Empower means empower. It means that you give someone the responsibility and the freedom to make decisions. That means you have to let go and let them succeed. Give them everything they need to be successful and then step back and watch them hit the home-run. Be sure not to confuse this with absence and build in consistent times to clarify and magnify the vision so everyone stays on the same track.

Everyone Wants to WIN!!

What would you add to the list?

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