Try a new Hat!!!

You ever stare at something sooo long you begin to not even notice it? I know I do. At times I start staring at a picture that still nee...

You ever stare at something sooo long you begin to not even notice it? I know I do. At times I start staring at a picture that still needs lots of work, but after so long of staring at it I begin to become immune to the things that need to be corrected or tweaked a little.

I think this happens a lot to leaders. There are things that we know need to be tweaked and changed but after a while we just get so use to the way it is that we don’t even see the deficiencies. It becomes a part of what we do and it plants itself right there like it belongs.

What I have discovered is sometimes to see these issues you have to change hats. Quit viewing your organization and your area of the organization through your role. See it from the person you are trying to reach and through the lens of what you are trying to accomplish.

I am a Family Pastor and part of my role is to make sure that all of our different areas from birth thru high school are working with the same strategy and that we are continually moving towards what we want to ultimately accomplish. So recently we met and we were talking about how to improve the experience of the first time parent. We broke it down into 5 key things that we would want to experience if we were coming to for the first time.

Now every person in the room is a parent. We all have children and multiple children. We are also leaders in our church. We have been looking at this issue for some time with the leader hat on, but we had yet to put our parent hat on to discover some holes. That changed everything. We discovered that several things we are doing work really really well. We also discovered some things that we not working so well. All because we didn’t look at as something WE do but we tried to see it from what if we were experiencing it for the first time? That made the holes and decencies much more obvious and it gave us a lot to celebrate.

It was a great meeting with a lot of awesome perspective. All we had to do was view it from a different lens. Point of view is huge! All it takes is just a little different approach.

Here are 2 questions to help you decide what hat you need to wear.

Who are you trying to reach – discovering whom you are trying to appeal to makes it a lot easier to figure out what will appeal to them. Every circumstance is different. For example I want the kids that come to to experience something completely different then their parents because different things matter to parents than to their kids.

What do you want them to experience – ask the tough questions to figure out what you want each person that you encounter to experience? That question on the surface is easy, but I challenge you to take it back to your team and dig into it. It will blow you away how deep that well is. Once you figure out what that looks like you can begin to have actionable steps to see progress. Really until you unpack that thought you are guessing. This provides concrete direction!

What different perspective do you need to take? What different hat do you need to wear?

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