Main Session 3 with Jeff Henderson

So let me just say that Jeff Henderson (for more on him go HERE ) Rocked it!! He did an absolutely fantastic Job and completely captivat...

So let me just say that Jeff Henderson (for more on him go HERE) Rocked it!! He did an absolutely fantastic Job and completely captivated me from beginning to end. The entire session was incredible from Brian Littrell the Backstreet Boy showing up to the awesome game of Family Feud that happened. 

The title of Jeff’s Talk was Vision Casting is a Team Sport!! He really encouraged us to begin the transition of motivating people to not just Benefit from the vision but to Participate in the vision.

Here are my notes from the Session

Vision casters are vision carriers. Vision Carriers are Vision Casters - The long-range impact of vision casting depends on the number of vision carriers carrying the vision forward.
- The four words that limit the vision of any organization are “it’s not my job”
- how we answer this question determines how effective the vision of our church is being understood: “whose job is it to cast vision for the church?”
- Vision is a team support
- We underestimate the enormous challenge of engaging the hands and hearts of the people.

The people at your church are somewhere on this scale of vision buy in:
people buy in to the vision in order to benefit from it
- people buy into the vision in order to contribute comfortable to it
- people buy into the vision enough to give their lives to it

Vision Casters and Vision Carriers are great Story tellers
Think of yourself as a movie producer and director
- Find a Story
- Think of the sources of your stories
- Think of ways to share those stories
- Relive stories from the past
- Leverage the story in many Venues
- Be a story provider for others on the team

The Vision Question: What did I do TODAY to cast vision for our church?
Vision not repeated is just a one-time thing
- This pulls vision from the clouds and onto your calendar
- This question prevents the urgent from crowding out the important
- Start where you are
- Use what you have
- Do what you Can

My Take Away Every day in my church should be dedication to casting and leveraging Vision. Vision overcomes being under resourced. Vision is a friend that we can either ignore or leverage to engage people to give their life to!!

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