Orange Pre conference Session 1 / Motivating Volunteers

My first session today was with Kendra Fleming! (for more on her go HERE )  I swear i could listen to her talk for hours. She does...

My first session today was with Kendra Fleming! (for more on her go HERE

I swear i could listen to her talk for hours. She does such a great job talking and putting things on a level that makes it easier to understand and grasp a hold of. She totally helps take big thoughts and make them simple for simpletons like me.

She broke it down for us in attractions. Her thought was the same thing that attract volunteers is the same thing that motivates them. She did a great job!

Law 1: We are initially attracted to things that are visually appealing.
- Initial attraction is often times based on nothing more than what we see
- Visual appeal can be achieved in many ways to attract people to your environments
- The most powerful way to establish visual appeal is to paint a picture of what should be and what could be if we work together to accomplish our mission.

Our vision should include
1. A solution to a problem that cannot go unsolved
2. A compelling reason why our solution will work
3. A specific explanation of how they can be a part of this solution

Practice: cast vision

Law 2: we are naturally attracted to excellence
- No one wants to pour time, energy, and talents into something that is mediocre.
- Many times when it comes to being a part of a winning organization, people will do whatever is needed just to be on the team

If it is not excellent, revamp it or kill it.

Be committed to progressive excellence

Practice: Be Committed to Progressive Excellence                                        

Law 3: we are increasingly attracted to things that are celebrated
-The more something is celebrated the more valuable It is perceived to be
-The more valuable it is perceived to be, the more people are attracted to it..
1. It refocuses everyone on what a win looks like
2. It refuels those who are weary
3. It re-energizes individuals to tell others about what they are involved in

Practice: Celebrate Wins Regularly

Law 4 we are relationally attracted to dynamic communities
- Dynamic leaders are attracted to dynamic leadership communities
- We often ask ourselves "is what happens among our team worth exporting"
- Do people want to experience what we are experiencing? 

Practicing: Prioritize Authentic Community among Leaders

Law 5: we are selfishly attracted to things that involve personal benefit
- The most commonly asked question in our head is what's in it for me
- A great question to ask your team is if people chose to volunteer with us is what is in it for them
- In every volunteer opportunity, there is a way to add value for the people you are trying to attract to your teams
- Our job is to help connect their investment of time, effort, and energy to that thing of real value that they will receive in return.

Practice: Develop a system to Motivate your Volunteers

Law 6: people are helplessly attracted to fun
- As a general rule of thumb, if your not having much fun leading and creating an environment, the people serving with you aren't having much fun either

Practice: Create Margin for Fun

Law 7: we are ultimately attracted to leaders and organizations with integrity
- No one expects perfection but they do expect integrity
- When volunteer realize that they are more committed to the mission, strategy, or values of the organization they will soon be out the door.

Practice: Model your Values!!

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