Pre conference 5: How to create a culture where leaders are thrive

This was probably my favorite session of the day. This breakout was led by Tom Shefchunas and he hit it out of the park. (for more on hi...

This was probably my favorite session of the day. This breakout was led by Tom Shefchunas and he hit it out of the park. (for more on him go HERE)

The whole thrust was how to we free volunteers up to kill it week after week. One word sums it up best CULTURE! You have to create an environment where the best leaders are attracted and where they can THRIVE. It was a great session.

Here are my notes!

Don't think about people you want to change. Create a culture where specific leaders thrive.

An exercise to evaluating what will create this culture is for you to process through some of the thing you love and you hate in an environment.

Surrounded by great people

A list
People who don't pull their weight
Weekly scams
No clarity
Wasted time

5 steps to freedom

1. Resolve yourself that this will take time
- You often will see a culture change, but you will realize when it has changed.

2. Get great people in the room
- Don’t think about someone you need to change. Think about how you can change a culture to produce a different outcome.

You are looking for people with time, a mature enough faith, and Christian character!!

Christian Character: the set abilities we need to meet the demands of life!!
the following is guide to help make this assessment. 

A. Attachment
Does this person understand their need for others?
B. Responsibility
Does this person understand what they are and are not responsible for?
C. Imperfection
Are they comfortable with where God has them now?
D. Adult functioning
- Authority - Is this person comfortable when they are in control and when they are not in control?
- Mission – Does this person understand they have a purpose?
- Leaving Home – Has this person made a clear break with parents?
- Sexuality – Does this person have a healthy view of sexuality

3. Decide this is not your ministry
The problem with our ministry is that we are leading the ministry.
Will my ministry outlast my time leading it
We want to feel needed so we will create systems that need me so that I feel comfortable.

4. Simplify your strategy and define their job
- If you want your leaders to feel like they are doing something important then give then something important to do and be a part of
- Relationships are built on shared quality experiences.

5. Now... Let them go
- It isn't going to look like you think it's going to look.
- If you are really going to set them free you have to trade micro management issues for custodial issues.

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