Celebrate the Core Part 2

Yesterday we talked about celebrating who people are not just what they do. If you haven’t read that yet then stop what your doing and g...

Yesterday we talked about celebrating who people are not just what they do. If you haven’t read that yet then stop what your doing and go read that HERE!

This thought that we need to celebrate wins is so important. I believe in it whole-heartedly! But I am also seeing that if you take it just a step deeper it will unlock the way you communicate with the people around you and the team that serves with you!

Here are 5 Benefits is see from Celebrating peoples Core!

It unlocks what they were made for – People want to succeed. And sometimes they want to succeed so bad they will do something they don’t even like that much so they can be successful! People want that feeling of accomplishment. But sometime they will sacrifice what they were made to do! If we celebrate who they are we give them freedom to be the person they were made to be not who they think we WANT them to be! They will feel the freedom to unlock what they were made for because we have made it known that we accept them not for what they do but for who they are!

It brings perspective to conflict – you ever had that volunteer or that leading in your organization that continually over steps their bounds trying to do to much or do stuff way outside of their purview. They do this all in the name of wanting to help and to serve. Taking a look beyond what they do can help you understand where this comes from. A lot of times it is an issue of their heart being good but they are pushing it to a point of being a nuisance. We can celebrate who they are and let them know we value them and have them rain it in a little! The same goes for laziness or people that don’t show. It makes it easier to see their heart isn’t in it! This will help you celebrate them and clarify boundaries!

It provides a baseline of Acceptance – I truly believe that people that feel accepted where they are feel more freedom to change and become who they were made to be. It gives them the ability to move away from behavior management and towards real life change. The people in your life that feel accepted where they are will feel freedom to become what you see in them. Taking a minute and looking beyond what they do and discovering who they are gives them freedom!

It encourages Discipleship – I really believe that this thought helps push us towards making disciples. Not just cloning leaders but making genuine disciples who can go and make disciples! Because they understand who they are and they know God made them for a purpose and He has a plan for them to be used. They become comfortable with who they are not just what they do!

It will make you more successful – lets be honest. At times leadership can feel like herding cats. It shouldn’t feel that way, but nevertheless at times it does. Getting people to serve and work can at times be difficult. But I truly think that if we did the hard word of discovering who people are we would find that people get their passions unlocked in such a way that we wouldn’t have enough to do. People would own what they do and feel so fulfilled in it that we could sit back and celebrate what was happening.

What would you add to this list?

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