Orange Week // Family Matters

Being a leader in a Church is great. I feel soo blessed that I get to spend my life doing what I do with my life. But the ...

Being a leader in a Church is great. I feel soo blessed that I get to spend my life doing what I do with my life. But the bottom line is no matter how much I love my job and no matter how much I love seeing life change and growth there is one thing that has to remain in the front of my mind! Family Matters!! There are a lot of other people that could do my job. There are a lot of people that could lead in my area. But I am the only person that can be a husband to my wife and a father to my kids!

One of my favorite speakers at Orange (which you can register for this week) was Doug Fields and 2 years ago he brought an incredible message about just that. It really spoke to my life and was a great reminder of the importance of being a Husband and Dad first!

Here are the notes from that session!

There will always be someone to shepherd the flock but not just anyone can be my kid’s Father. People will replace me in ministry, but no one can fill my shoes in the eyes of MY children.

Doug gave us a few practical things to implement in our lives to be instilling in our kids that we are always available to them and that we value them and their relationships.

Change the channel.
We can get stuck in the place of trying to satisfy unrealistic expectations. Rather than fight against that we tend to cater to it because we are taught that to succeed we have to be willing to say yes. In the long run we sacrifice our family for the “growth” of the church. Don’t be afraid to set expectations that will set you up to still be successful, but will make you successful at the most important place. YOUR HOME!

Unplug from Church!
When you are at home be at home and available to the most important people in your life. It is very easy to change locations but still be mentally at work. As leaders we have to make sure that we hold our children more than we hold our phone or our laptops. Our kids are dying to own the perception that we are at all times available to them. There are crazy seasons in ministry but they should be the minority in life. Put the electronics down disconnect from work and love the people who need you love most!

Serve Ice Cream
Basically just have fun with your family. You should be the person THEY want to hang out with. Be light hearted and let your kids be kids. Don’t let the importance of ministry steal the joy of parenting and marriage. Date your wife with the same passion that you apply to your ministry and vision. Make your home a safe place and place everyone wants to be.

Main thought; You can be replaced at you job, but no body can fill in for you at home. If you have to cheat work or home choose work every time.

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