Breaking Point Part 2

Yesterday I talked about how I know I am reaching my Breaking Point. For that post you can go HERE . If you haven’t read it yet then...

Yesterday I talked about how I know I am reaching my Breaking Point. For that post you can go HERE. If you haven’t read it yet then start there or this post may not make a lot of sense!

There are a lot of signs I had to become aware of to make myself aware of when that happens so that I am more strategic about actively engaging my life circumstance when I feel like I am at my breaking point.

It’s important to think through what this process looks for you so that you can be a little more strategic and proactive when this happens. I can all but assure you that this is not a question of if, but rather when it will happen. Start thinking and processing NOW how to be intentionally aware and what you will do when it happens!

Here are 4 things I do when I get there.

Pray - This is hugely important to me. Too often I get so wrapped up in what I am doing and my schedule and timeline that I forget to just sit with God and share what is going on inside of me. Being intentional to remember and reengage my relationship with the father has to be the first priority!

Stop - I stop for a few days. I do nothing if I can. But in most cases I just take a step back and do very little. Go home a little early or have a day where I do as little as humanly possible and just allow my body and my mind to rest for a period of time! This is crucial for me moving forward!

Make Room - When I get in that season I immediately get intentional about making room in my schedule. I sit down and I look at ways to carve things out of my time that don’t need to be there. Usually half of my problem is that I have stretched myself to thin. In some cases I have to stop doing some really good things. It’s about making sure I have priorities before I get to this point so I can strategically look at how to reshape my schedule.

Perspective - I cannot adequately express how important this is. It is more important than you may ever realize to have people in your life that love you enough to give the hard perspective! I have several men in my life that will help me sort through some of the nonsense in my head when things get a little foggy. Men that love me enough to tell me hard things and how will pray for me and hold me accountable to put up better boundaries!

This is my process for coming out of a season where I have pushed myself to the limit!

What would you add to my list?

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