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A few years ago I entered into an awesome adventure. I began to process how to do student ministry in a way that I had not see it done...

A few years ago I entered into an awesome adventure. I began to process how to do student ministry in a way that I had not see it done yet. Little did I know that I hadn’t seen it done this way because I wasn’t paying attention. It was already being done and had proven to be very successful.

It was the idea that you could do a service and engage students in small group on the same night. I know, I know. Your mind is blown.

A little over 3 years ago I started making this a reality in my ministry. It has been more successful than I can really express. I love the idea of taking students and allowing other voices in their lives! Other people that can invest in them, push them, and love on them. Small group Leaders give every student someone to pastor them.

Over the time I have been a part of this I have noticed a few things. I have noticed that there are some things that set some leaders apart. Their groups dig in a deeper. They grow. A lot more students become inviters. There is a lot more consistency.

At I am truly blessed to work with the best student team I have ever had. They are incredible. And even in this circumstance there are a few things that set some apart.

Here are 4 things! 

You First – This one is first on purpose. The best leaders I see have a real and obvious relationship with Jesus. They prioritize their own relationship with Jesus over everything. Leading an effective small group comes from the overflow of your own time with God. If you aren’t growing here it is very unlikely that you will be able to lead others this way.

Patience - We are a part of the microwave generation! Leaders want to succeed and they want to succeed immediately. The best group leaders I have seen have an amount of patience. They understand relationships cannot be forced, but they have to happen a little more naturally. They give students time to get to know them and each other better before pushing too hard or giving up! It’s a marathon not a sprint.

Go - There is something about going and meeting them on their turf that changes everything. Going to Football games and Theater performances. Whatever it takes to show your support for them. It says something to them about how you will be there for them. You not only available one night a week but you are there for the long haul. Changing the dynamic of place cannot be overestimated!

YOU – Just be yourself. Don’t over think it. Don’t try to be too cool. Just be comfortable with who you are. Be comfortable with saying “I don’t know”! Creating an environment of openness will start with you. That means you will have to be ok with what you have to offer. Every group leader affects students differently. Know that God made you to impact them in a specific way and embrace that.

Those are the ones I have seen! What would you add to my list?? 

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