3 Easy Tips about Social Media!

Seems like just yesterday that I started to blog and participate in the Social Media world. I have been on Facebook for a long...

Seems like just yesterday that I started to blog and participate in the Social Media world. I have been on Facebook for a long time but I was never intentional about it. Its hard to believe that this is now my 300th post to my blog. I remember thinking to myself. “how am I going to be able to keep up this pace with writing when i first started.

In the 2 years, 300 post, and 2700 tweets that I have become active in social media I have learned a few things that are necessary to be able to stick it out. I know my personality is results oriented and when I don’t see visible results I struggle to continue going. And trust me when I tell you that there have been a lot of moments where I just wanted to give up and stop. But I am a huge advocate thought sharing and reading different perspectives on ministry, life, and leadership. That leads me to not only take from but also give to the ideas and the thought sharing. I had to come to a place where I realized it wasn’t about saying the perfect thing, but just realizing that I have something to say.

Its been a blast for the last 2 years. I have met more incredible people and learned more than I could ever imagine. But there have been a few times that I wanted to call it quits.

So with that said. In honor of my 300th blog post, here are 3 things I have learned about Social Media.

It takes patience – I remember talking to a friend of mine that is an incredible writer and thought provoker and asking him if my blog was terrible. He looked right at me and just said be patient. It takes time. You have to continue working at it and contributing, and be patient. The readers will come! I know for me I want to be good at something now. But in reality it takes time. Just keep pushing forward!

It takes consistency – how ever often you are going to write you need to stick to it. Don’t take massive amounts of time off from putting content out there. Inconsistency has been the hardest thing for me to overcome. If I get overwhelmed at work or if I am tired the first thing that I cut is this. And I have learned to write in advance and to pump out lots of content when I get on a roll. I save those for the busy weeks and the tired times. Inconsistency is a killer. Fight through and commit to being involved!

It takes focus – Write about a few things repeatedly. I tend to stay to around 4 topics. That is what I have chosen to do and it works for me. Some people stick to 1. Whatever that looks like for you the more focus you can provide the more people will look to you and trust what you have to say. It also gives you more of a voice in particular area! Whatever you are going to talk about talk about consistently!

What would you add to my list? 

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