The Ingredients for an Incredible Volunteer

Have you ever had something to so good to eat that you just couldn’t stop eating it? Now I realize that I am a large fella. So I...

Have you ever had something to so good to eat that you just couldn’t stop eating it? Now I realize that I am a large fella. So I am sure that this principal applies to me a little more than it does that average person. But I know a lot of people that if you put a certain food in front of them, it is all over! They are going to eat until they can’t eat anymore! I often wonder what is the secret ingredient that draws us in. What is that taste that I just cant get enough of.

As I have thought more about it and I have found the same to be true of great volunteers. At I have the opportunity of working with tons of volunteers each and every week. And they are all fantastic! But there are some volunteers that are just next level. They are what I would classify as an incredible! They go over and beyond every chance they get and they never cease to amaze!

They are the volunteers that if money was no object you hire them as soon as you could and get them on your team because they make the people around them and the teams they serve with better. We all have these sorts of leaders that we get to work with from time to time! But even more than that we probably all have volunteers who serve with us that want to be incredible volunteers in the making. Leaders want to know how to be successful and want to now how to be in that classification as “incredible”! They just need to know what to do to make it happen.

The important thing for you to remember is to decide what would make and incredible volunteer to you. Or what are the attributes that your best volunteers display that really make them next level to you!

Here are 4 things that I love!

Serving from the Overflow – There is nothing better than a volunteer who serves from the overflow of what God is doing in their life! Those are the volunteers that are serving in their sweet spot and that really have a good understanding of why they serve and they pour their heart into. A lot of times they will end up pouring into and loving on leadership. They can be such an encouragement to be around!

Initiative - now let me just preface this and say that this is not necessarily something that every leader would prefer. But I trust my leaders to take a little initiative from time to time. To be problem solvers and do what they can to lead. I don’t mind allowing my leaders the freedom to take care of issues or to handle a problem. I love when they have an idea for a new way of doing things or they try something different as long as it doesn’t veer away from our vision and mission.

Get Dirty - People are messy and therefore so is ministry! I want to work with people that aren’t afraid to get messy and love on people regardless of their circumstance or life situation! Doing and participating in ministry is not always easy and fun! And being willing to get down in the ditch with people, kids, and students is sometimes part of the job! I love leaders who aren’t afraid to do this!

Responsibility – Trust is a big deal and it has to be earned! Responsibility is one of the ways that leaders earn and keep trust. Doing what they say they will do and taking care of the things that they are a part of and the projects that they work on! There is not better feeling than giving a project or a task away and knowing that it will be taken care of and done well!

Those are a few of mine. What would you add to my list! 

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