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Any of us that are in Student Ministry no what this time of year means. We are gearing up for Summer Plans! Getting ready for ...

Any of us that are in Student Ministry no what this time of year means. We are gearing up for Summer Plans! Getting ready for all the different missions trips, camps, and conferences that you might take over the course of the summer.

I know for some you take on the responsibility of putting on your own camp! You spend all the money and the time and you put together a great quality camp for your students. I know that sometimes finding quality talent to lead worship and help create engaging and excellent environments can be a really hard thing.

So I want to help you with that!

I am about to let you know about one of the best kept secrets in the country when it comes to leading worship and engaging students or anyone for that matter.

His name is Joshua Woodlief! (for more on him go HERE) In my opinion he is one of the best on the country. And I hate to say that. Then it sounds like we are making worship about talent and not about the chasing after and honoring God! But I travel a lot of places. I have been to a lot of conferences and camps. And I am sure of the fact that there is no one better!

Joshua has a great heart to lead students and people in general in worship and see people encounter God in a new way. Is Josh talented? Immensely!! He can sing the phone book. The guy can play and sing anything. But what makes Josh so special is his passion and his heart to lead others in worship. Even as talented as Josh is, he is not up there to be seen or to show off. He is up there to lead people to worship of our God! Albeit I am a little bias! I have yet to meet anyone that wasn’t blown away by Josh and his heart and his willingness to lead worship. Not to put on a show but to truly encounter God.

Here are 3 things that set Josh apart in my mind.

Talent – Josh is annoyingly talented at music. For sure! But when I say talent I mean in his eye for excellence. His ability to put together sets or to work in the context of a set that has already been put together. Transitions and overall band management. Josh has everything working like clockwork. I always tell him I don’t know how he does it all when he up there.

Flexibility – Now this hasn’t always been a strong suit for Josh. But over the last few years I have watched him be incredibly flexible with the people he has worked with. He responds really well to last minute changes and he will even do what he can to creatively help you think of things even if it makes his job harder. He truly has a servant’s heart when he is serving a church at a camp or a retreat. He is always there to help set up and tear down. And not just his equipment. He does a great job taking ideas and making them work and even making them better.

Excellence – Excellence is doing the best you can with what you have! Josh always always always does this. He will take any situation and do everything he can to make it the best it can possibly be. He always works with band guys who are incredibly talented and have the same heart as him. He always hits it out of the park. Josh is the worship leader at But every year he leads our fall retreat for our students. And I am consistently blown away by his work ethic and drive to be better and to use his gift for the calling God has on his life!

Now I don’t like to point out individual people on my blog. Lets be honest it’s a little awkward to ramble on and on about the same person for 500 words. But I feel this confident in Josh. You will not be disappointed. And if you are. Call me. I will give you your money back. Yep I said it. And I mean it. Im that confident that you will be more than pleased. Summer is coming. Josh will only make things better contact him and see what God does!

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