I am a huge believer in collaboration and in the idea that several people can come together and if they work together  with the same g...

I am a huge believer in collaboration and in the idea that several people can come together and if they work together  with the same goals good things will happen. I think I am only as good as the people around me. I really believe that we are most powerful when work with others and allow them to challenge us and think outside the box.

Last weekend Relevant Students we put on an event called Merge! At relevant we operate off of 2 campuses but 1 student ministry. The interesting thing about that is that we are at 2 different churches. But 3 years ago we decided to keep the same branding and we do the same series. It has worked out in an incredible way for us. It has created natural connection points for students all throughout our community!

Several times a year we do events that bring both campuses together. And one of those events is Merge Weekend. Every time we do an event we collaborate and work together on direction, stage design, over all environment, and equipment! We work together on all the elements. And it WORKS. We are able to put on a more quality event because we come together. We keep our focus on what is best for the kids and that causes us to work together and allows the best ideas to rise to the top. Collaboration works and it stretches you.

Here are 4 reasons Collaboration Matters!

It makes me Better – I am constantly learning from the other guys I work with! They make me better and teach me new things. I am constantly pushed to try new things and make creative ideas work. I walk away better from every experience!

It generates excitement – anytime we come together we have more students and we pack a room out! It generates a lot of excitement! We also spend a lot of time combining resources to make a great stage design. When the students and adults walk in the environment generates a lot of excitement. And excitement always always always breeds excitement!

It builds lasting relationships – the guys I do this with are some of my closest friends. I never dread working with them. I look forward to our students coming together and our leaders coming together because we all have relationships and we are all friends. Going outside of your normal way of doing things opens you up to develop new and lasting relationships!

It makes sense – to be honest I don’t know what we would do if we couldn’t come together. It makes sense for both sides. We collaborate and make an event a community event. The cost is less. The resources are greater! The win is more impactful! It makes sense that we do this.

Have you tried combining resources with another student ministry in your town? 

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