Fight for the Heart

If you have kids then you have become aware of painful truth. The older they get the more they pull away from you. Or at least that ...

If you have kids then you have become aware of painful truth. The older they get the more they pull away from you. Or at least that is the tendency. They want their independence. And of course they think they are ready for their independence! They don’t need us because they are slowly but surely transforming into the person that God made them to be. I love God’s plan and I love watching it unfold in my children. I just wish God will clear things through me more.

A few weeks ago I went to an event in Clarksville called the purity ball. It’s an event where Dads can take their girls and just have a fun night with them. And that is exactly what we did. I had a blast dancing with my girls and just being with them individually each night. I truly believe, as fathers we set the expectation for what our daughters should be looking in a man. So this night was a perfect opportunity for my girls to get all dressed up and for me to get dressed up so they could have date with their dad! 

Something occurred to me during this time though. In the busyness of life I get too wrapped up in what is right in front of me and forget to create moments with my kids. It doesn’t have to be anything super complicated. But as parents we have to fight for the heart of kids. We have to let them know through our actions that they are the most important things to us. This was a great reminder for me especially for the season of life that I am in right now!

Here are 3 suggestions for you to fight for the heart!

Meet them on their turf – Sometimes home just has too many distractions, especially if you have multiple kids. So the best thing you can do is take them to a place they want to go. If you have teenagers this becomes increasingly easy! I’m sure they have several ideas. If you have younger kids you may have to get creative unless you want to spend the rest of your life at Chuck E Cheese! The idea is focused one on one time where you do what they want and have fun!

Make it Fun – I have a great mentor who has taught me a lot about this. Sometimes you can’t go anywhere. Sometimes it’s just about making the moments that you have count. You can make a game out of anything. You make your kids laugh a thousand different ways. Just make whatever you do fun with them. It doesn’t have to be structured or organized! Just go with it. They will remember those times forever!

Be Intentional – Every morning I take my kids to school. Now talk about a prime time to talk to them and love on them! Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes my head is in another place and I am thinking about what I have to do that day. The point is that life is busy. So make sure to be intentional with the time that you do have with your kids. Make every second count. Because before you know it they are gone! Make your moments count. Be intentional with your kids so they will always know that they really matter!

What would you add to my list?

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