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This week is Orange Week on my blog and the blog of a lot of my friends! For more about that you can go HERE! So each day I am going t...

This week is Orange Week on my blog and the blog of a lot of my friends! For more about that you can go HERE! So each day I am going to talk about Orange and something that the Conference has encouraged me to do or focus on. Orange does a fantastic job of saying a few things really well. And encouraging you to take a deeper look at something on a broad level so that you can figure out what the specifics look like for your team.

Soo each day I am going to launch from the thought that Orange Encourages. . 

I will never ever forget one of my favorite moments ever at Orange. It was my first year and one of my ministry heroes was speaking. You may know him. His name is Doug Fields! And he was talking about family being a priority and really dove into the idea that if your family isn’t your first priority then you success will be limited because if your most basic priority is out of whack then other things will be as well. I will never forget the moment he created when he said in the middle of his talk that there were people in the room that need to leave this conference go home and apologize to our wife and kids and make those relationships right!

The team at Orange does a great job of creating incredible moments that lead you toward big thoughts and ideas. They help you process the idea of what your priorities should be and that you should in fact set some.

Orange encourages Priorities. . . . 

In your home – To have a talk where the speaker tells you to leave the conference to get things right with your family speaks to how passionately they feel about making sure that your priorities are in the right place. Especially in terms of your family and putting them first! They don’t just mention that is how they feel they intentionally make it apart of what they say and communicate. Family matters and should come before our job, even if our job is working in a church.

With your Team – don’t work alone! This is a concept that I have spent a lot of time processing because of things I have heard at Orange. I have spent a lot more time trying to invest in the idea of team than I have doing more work. But had I never been encouraged to do so I might still be on that same path of doing doing doing and not building a team to attack ministry together!

In your work – Time management is a huge part of my job. I have a lot I am responsible for week in a week out. Sometimes I simply cannot get to it all. It just isn’t possible. So if I dont have priorities in how I work and how I complete tasks then the most important things may never get done! Jim Wideman leads a breakout every year to help you process this very thing! He blew my mind the first year I was there!

In your Church – Have you ever had your world rocked. The things you were so sure of that you thought you would never deviate! I have. Happened to me at Orange 3 years ago. The idea of keeping and maintaining the priorities that you church leadership has set blew my mind. Not being a hindrance to the direction but helping it. Orange wont encourage you to go home and attack your churches way of doing things. Instead what they will do is encourage you to apply the principals the best you can in your context. This idea changed the way I approached a lot of things!

Orange encourages priorities in you life, ministry, and leadership. They don’t tell you what they should be. They just show you the reason you should have some!

Only 80 days! 

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