I made a Mistake

     Yep.. The other day it happened! I said something stupid with no clarification of any kind! As the conversation progr...

Yep.. The other day it happened! I said something stupid with no clarification of any kind! As the conversation progressed I heard things being said I remember thinking . . . “I don’t feel that way!” but I said nothing. And as a leader how I felt was assumed by my silence mixed together one stupid statement.

But . . .
I was tired
I had a long weekend
I wasn’t thinking straight
People shouldn’t ask tough questions after a crazy weekend
I was misunderstood
They misunderstood me

And so on and so forth the excuses ran through my head! I was defensive. I kept it to myself but I was defensive just the same! But the bottom line was . . .

I made a mistake!

Now I could have just said I was sorry and moved on. But the reality was as a leader I made a mistake. And I needed to own up to it and go over and beyond to make sure I said I was sorry and own the mistake. As leaders we set the tone. And sometimes pride gets in the way of being the example! Even though sometime it hurts and sometimes we have to own more that we should! But as a leader on a team its important that people see us more that willing to step up and own when we are wrong! So they can feel safe to do the same!

Here are 3 things to do when you make a mistake!

Say Sorry – you cannot underestimate the power of those 2 words in your life! And the power of those words on your team! You being the leader doesn’t necessarily mean that you are perfect. And saying sorry won’t lessen your influence on your team. It’s just the opposite! It will increase it!

Own all of it – Don’t excuse it your actions. Or say phrases like “well because of _______________ I did ________________!”. Just own it all the way. The reasons don’t always matter. The offense does. Set the example and own the problem. Generally what you will find is that people on your team will step in and make it right!

Go over and beyond for clarity – right after this was over I sent 3 emails. One to each person that was there! And I over explained it. I didn’t do that because I am awesome. I did that because I wanted to make sure everyone knew how I felt even if it did take a few more minutes to read. Go over and beyond to make sure that you are understood. It will go a long way and bridging the gap!

What would you add to my list? 

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