Saying What Matters Most!

Tonight I have an incredible opportunity to speak at a College Gathering in our town called Aqua. And I am tremendously ho...

Tonight I have an incredible opportunity to speak at a College Gathering in our town called Aqua. And I am tremendously honored and excited about the opportunity. But I am also a little nervous! And maybe nervous isn’t the right word. But I am definitely going to be outside of my comfort zone tonight. This will be my first time ever hanging out with just College kids. 

Yesterday as I was doing some final prep for my talk I found myself obsessing over the order in which I was going to say some things. The content is there. I know what I want to say I am just trying to figure out how to lay it out in the best way. It was a little ridiculous how many times I rewrote my outline.

Then I asked myself a question! “Do I really need to obsess over it this much? They will put the pieces together right?”

Here is the flip side of that! Tonight I am sharing a thought that literally changed my life. Anytime I share God’s word it has potential to change life. Not me but God speaking through me and through his word! And I also know that the presentation is so important. I really believe that if I think I have something worth saying than I should be very intentional about how I say it and how it comes out! So that the message I want to convey doesn’t get lost in how I present it.

In reality I was probably being a little obsessive about my prep for tonight’s message. I am a perfectionist by nature. But the point is WHAT YOU SAY MATTERS! And HOW YOU SAY IT MATTERS!

Here are 3 questions I always ask myself during my prep. Take what you will. But be intentional to create your own process. And stick to it so you can whittle down your thoughts and say what really matters most!

What am I trying to say – The first question I start with is what do I want to be sure to communicate? What is the one thought I want to make sure to hammer home? That really helps in the process of getting down to the most important thoughts and ideas. Sometimes we just have filler. Get it out if it doesn’t directly reinforce your point. The funny story, the scripture, the application, it should all point to what you are really trying to say!

How are you saying it – Here is what I know for sure, people need to know why this matters to them. A life changing idea for you can come across as nothing more that a testimony if you are not careful to craft what you say in a specific way. To be honest I am still learning a lot about this area! This is a craft that takes a long time to hone! But you have to start somewhere! How are you conveying the ideas you feel compelled to share?

Does it flow – Now this seems like a stupid question I’m sure! But some of the best messages I have ever heard had an incredible flow to them. I can remember being lost in what the communicator was saying. Everything just flowed so seamlessly! Flow matters and it can make or break your content at times. Take some time to make sure that you have good transitions from point to point and that the order takes people in a logical direction.

What would you add to my list?  

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